Комплект постельного белья с 3D рисунком пододеяльник для спальни двойной размер

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Комплект постельного белья с 3D рисунком пододеяльник для спальни двойной

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Printing Duvet Cover Set: 1 Duvet Cover+1/2 Matching PillowShams
Package Includes: 1x Duvet cover (Without Comforter) + 1/2x Pillow shams

Fabric: Microfiber

Size Information:

US Twin: 1 × Duvet Cover(173*218cm) + 1 × Pillow Case(50*75cm)

US Full: 1 × Duvet Cover(203*228cm) + 2 × Pillow Case(50*75cm)

US Queen: 1 × Duvet Cover(228*228cm) + 2 × Pillow Case(50*75cm)

US King: 1 × Duvet Cover(228*264cm) + 2 × Pillow Case(50*75cm)

EU Double: 1 × Duvet Cover(210*210cm) + 2 × Pillow Case(50*75cm)

EU King: 1 × Duvet Cover(220*240cm) + 2 × Pillow Case(50*75cm)

AU Single: 1 × Duvet Cover(140*210cm) + 1 × Pillow Case(50*75cm)

UK Single: 1 × Duvet Cover (135*200cm) + 1 × Pillow Case(50*75cm)

Single: 1 × Duvet Cover (133*70cm) + 1 × Pillow Case(50*66cm)

(1 inch=2.54cm For example: 175cm=175/2.54=68inch)

Attention: All dimensions are measured manually with deviation ranged at 1-1.5inches.

BREATHABLE SOFTNESS - Softness and warmth breathable & hypoallergenic, stronger and more durable than cotton, microfibers are processed to protect against any shrinkage after washing

COMFORTABLE: Microfiber duvet cover set is designed to resist wrinkles andpilling, it will stay like new through many machine wash cycles. Strong anddurable, yet luxuriously soft, duvet cover offers all the advantages ofstandard cotton duvet covers at less cost!

CONVENIENT: Duvet covers stay on the duvet and function like sheets -- they absorb moisture anddirt, protecting the duvet itself so you can strip just the cover off and washit.

PERFECT FIT - This 2/3 Piece Duvet Cover Set Includes: One Duvet Cover and One or Two Pillow Shams each.

CLEAN DESIGN - Duvet cover has nonslip corner ties and hidden zipper closure; shams are finished neat with envelope closures.